In her work Marta specializes in a variety of different presenting issues. 

Marta support clients who experience:

  • anxiety

  • social anxiety

  • depression

  • low self-esteem

  • stress

  • anger

  • trauma

  • personality disorders

  • self-harm and suicidal ideation

  • relationship issues

  • early chilhood development

  • attachment

  • codependency

Where therapist and client work, one to one in a safe, caring and confidential space. This environment and relationship gives you the opportunity to explore your feelings, beliefs and behaviors.

It is a place where you and your needs are the focus and you choose what you would like to explore.

Individual Counselling session

Price: 50 €

 Time: 50 minutes

Session takes place once a week

Online counselling via Skype available

A type of therapy that focuses on the needs and wellbeing of young children and adolescents; helping to address underlying difficullties that may interfere with their development. 

It is a collaborative process with parents, child and therapist.

Child and Adolescent sessions for Under 18 Price: 50 €

Time: 50 minutes

First consultation takes place with parents only

A type of therapy that helps people experiencing difficulty related to their romantic relationship.

The couples has the opportunity to explore the issues arising from their relationship in a safe and controlled environment,

helping to gain insight into your relationship and to resolve conflict.

Couple Therapy

 Price: 100 €

Time: 90 minutes

 Session takes place once every two weeks

Online counselling via Skype available

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