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In her work Marta specializes in a variety of different presenting issues.

She is aware of the fact, that everyone is unique and might have different needs or expectations. Therefore Marta always tries to get to know her clients well, what helps her to respond exactly to what they need.


If you experience any of the difficulties mentioned below, you might consider booking an initial consultation in order to discuss it in more detail, and most likely, with Marta's help, make a further plan of how to cope with it and find the best solution.

  • anxiety and panic attacks

  • social anxiety

  • health anxiety

  • depression and low mood

  • low self-esteem

  • lack of confidence

  • stress & worry

  • isolation and loneliness

  • anger

  • trauma

  • burn out & exhaustion

  • personality disorders

  • self-harm and suicidal ideation

  • relationship issues

  • early childhood development

  • attachment

  • codependency

  • life transition 


Individual Counselling session

Price: 60 €

 Time: 50 minutes

Session takes place once a week

Online counselling via Skype available

People can make a decision of going to therapy at times of crisis, looking for support and guidance.

It can be a healing process after a traumatic event, which took place recently or a long time ago.

Therapy doesn't have to be a choice only when something goes wrong.

It can be a great opportunity for someone to explore and understand themselves, often to find answers to many questions.

Therapy is a chance people can take in order to become the best person they can be, to find acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and way to change.

It is time when therapist and client work, one to one in a safe, caring and confidential space. This environment and relationship gives you the opportunity to examine your feelings, beliefs and behaviors.

It is a place where you and your needs are the focus and you choose what you would like to explore.

Being young generally seems like a lovely time fulfilled with joy and fun. Adults often think that children don't have anything to worry about.

It is not as simple and easy as it looks like. Children and adolescents at times can feel like no one listens to them or understands them. They feel lonely and isolated, constantly trying to fit in.

Therapy can help young person with many difficulties such as:

  • anxiety, worry and panic attacks

  • social anxiety

  • friendships difficulties

  • mood swings

  • anger managment

  • overthinking

  • bullying

  • low self-esteem

  • lack of confidence

  • body image

  • sexuality and sexual orientation

Therapy equips a young person with skills, coping strategies and techniques, which can be helpful in their development process and will build a strong base for adulthood.

Kid's Playing Outdoor

Child and Adolescent sessions for Under 18

Price: 60 €

Time: 50 minutes

First consultation takes place with parents only

It is a collaborative process between young person, parents and therapist.

Couples Therapy

Individual Counselling session

Price: 60 €

 Time: 50 minutes

Session takes place once a week

Online counselling via Skype available

It is a professional and confidential process facilitating couples and individuals to explore, reflect upon and resolve difficulties in their marriage and relationship.

Couples have the opportunity to explore the issues arising from their relationship in a safe and controlled environment, helping to gain insight into your relationship and to resolve conflict.

It is an opportunity to be heard but also to listen to the partner, learn how to communicate, explore and bring in changes that can help improve the situation or review whether the couple can remain together.

Couples Counselling can be beneficial in times of:
- Cheating
- Lack of trust
- Conflict
- Lack of connection
- Emotional/physical abuse
- Resentment
- Different points of view/ priorities
- Taking each other for granted

© 2019 by Marta Jaworska, Psychologist

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