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What is Therapy

Therapy is a unique journey

where the therapist and client walk together to discover a better way of living.


The relationship with a therapist is different from those we have in everyday life. In therapy you can express yourself freely, without filtering your thoughts and feelings. 

We all deserve to be seen and  heard.  


As a therapist, Marta's focus is to create a safe space

where you can be yourself and speak without consequence,

 where your feelings can be shared without judgement.


Everyone is a unique person with their own individual experiences, and each of us deserves a chance to explore them and to become the best version of ourselves.


Sometimes you might feel like your problem isn’t big enough to need therapy,

but whether your difficulty is big or small,

it's okay to ask for help.


© 2019 by Marta Jaworska, Psychologist

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